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Terms of use

July 1, 2023 • Joary

Only user-created stickers can be uploaded.

Do not upload any infringing stickers.

If you find any illegal content, please attach a link and send an email to . We will check and deal with it.

Infringing material will be removed without notice.

There is a "Report" function at the bottom of each page to report problematic sticker packs.

If users upload infringing stickers, they may need to bear consequences, including legal liability.

If a user uploads an infringing material and is sued by law, this platform will not bear the responsibility, and the responsibility will be borne by the user alone. This platform will cooperate with the copyright complainant to handle the incident, including providing IP location and other information.

If the texture capacity is too large, the texture will be deleted by the system after a period of storage.

This platform has the final decision.

Listing Instructions and Regulations

If you need to upload public stickers to this platform, you must read the listing instructions and abide by additional regulations. .


"GetSticker" on this platform ( ) and "TextSticker" on Google Play ( ) are works of this site , other works with the same name or similar names have nothing to do with this website.

All stickers on this platform are uploaded by users, and the content of all stickers has nothing to do with this site.

This platform will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the use of this site or program.

This platform may be legally restricted in some regions, so this platform is not intended for use by users located in that region.

We will try our best to maintain the continuous service of the server of this platform. However, there are occasional unforeseen circumstances beyond our control that may disrupt the service.

Due to the wide variety of smartphone models, GetSticker may not work properly on some models.

The mechanics of WhatsApp stickers are stored offline on the user´s phone, so if a WhatsApp user has your stickers installed, you will not be able to delete or change their sticker pack. Even if you have deleted the sticker pack on this platform.

If Telegram users have installed your stickers, you will not be able to delete or change their sticker packs. Even if you have deleted the sticker pack on this platform.

Lost the edit link

Please contact us Email info with a link to the sticker and a proof of authorship. Author proof example:

a sketch

PhotoShop screenshot, displayable to layers

Other reasonable evidence may also be acceptable