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Instructions for listing

"Upload" means to make the sticker public for public download.

It is strongly recommended to stay on Facebook or Instagram, and the editor has the opportunity to confirm in this way.

Shipping is generally completed within one to two days. Busy times such as festivals will be longer.

If the texture is not listed, the editor will sometimes leave a reason in the editor.

To change the information, you need to contact us Email:

Shelving regulations

Only user-created stickers can be uploaded, and any copyright-infringing stickers are not allowed.

At least 3 stickers.

Except for special reasons or styles, textures need to be removed (Remove Background).

Celebrity stickers need to be authorized, such as celebrities, KOL, Youtuber, political and business people, etc. Trademarks or brands, etc. also need to be authorized.

Do not upload pornographic, indecent, excessively violent or excessively bloody stickers (including but not limited to). If there is a gray area at work, we tend not to approve it.

The quality of the stickers on the shelves is high and needs to be popularized. Selfies, trendy photos (such as landscape photos), trendy videos, rough graphics, etc. are not listed.

Secondary creation of stickers is not accepted, such as adding words to well-known cartoon characters.

Even if the sticker is drawn by you, if the sticker is obviously similar to other works, it will not be accepted. For example, draw a pica super sticker by hand.

Stickers can not be repeated.

Stickers made by generators such as Bitmoji are not accepted, including those generated by AI.

Stickers must not defame any person or brand, including expressly and implicitly.

Textures should not be overly negative.

After the sticker is uploaded, the capacity should not be too large (note whether there is an Over Size word next to the sticker).

Stickers should not involve gambling or high-risk investments, such as casino platforms, cryptocurrency platforms, and NFT-related stickers.

Pure advertising sticker packs are not accepted. For example, a sticker pack only displays product images.

In case of dispute, the platform has the final decision.